Project goals

Auto insurance quotes are a mountain of choices. Input fields, dropdowns, finished off with a large set of coverages you’ll be asked to understand and choose from. Sounds perfect, right?

We set out to redesign our existing family of rate pages (the page where the user finally sees their price) to be less overwhelming. We wanted to reduce the amount of perceived choices, giving users the confidence to buy.

Tested Options

Testing and

We started by testing three distinct solutions to measure users comprehension and ease in purchasing an insurance policy. Here’s what we learned:

  • We learned that while price was still the most important factor, discounts and available price breaks were a major motivator.
  • The use of sliders as an interaction model for coverages paired with a short explanation was heavily favored over the dropdowns and hidden help content in the previous design.
  • Designs that used a persistent footer containing the current price made reviewing and editing much easier.



To validate the iterations, we showed a second set of users our new solution and asked them to compare it to the existing page. Surveys and eye tracking data showed big improvements. Tasks were completed quicker, and surveys showed less confusion and a positive response to the overall design.



Eye tracking results for the task, “Find and review your quote packages”
Current page versus new design
Eye Tracking

In the current page, users seem to scan the page heavily, unsure where to settle on. In the new design, there’s a clear focus on the packages we asked them to locate.

Likert scales confirm confirm that the packages were easier to locate in the new design. 
  • Current page
  • New design

“The look and feel of this page was better than the first version. I liked how recalculations of the quote were automatic. I can also easily see the different options I had for each aspect of the coverage.”


After a market test in 21 states, we saw positive results:

  • Conversion increased over the previous suite of pages
  • Phone calls to agents from that page decreased, signaling less confusion
  • Over $60,000 in monthly revenue was created with the addition of partner listings component, without a measurable conversion loss

The page is now being rolled out to all states. If you’re in California (or 20 others), give it a try today.