DIY Home Inspection

Getting an inspection done on your home used to be invasive and inconvenient. DIY Home Inspection set out to solve this.

Discovery research

Step 1:

Before any wireframes or flows were mapped out, I worked with my user researcher to set up a 2-part discovery study to let users guide our approach. 12 users were showed a comic strip illustrating the customer journey. Arming them with markers and stickers, they told us what felt right and what didn’t.

We also gave them some homework before they came in, asking them to take two sample videos of their house to get insight into users’ ability to capture video of their home.



Here’s what we found:

Users wanted a simple process. They preferred the flexibility of video over photos. They’ve done it before, so a tutorial showing how to take a video wasn’t necessary.

Motivation is key. While homeowners don’t mind taking time to document, they wouldn’t do it without an incentive. A $50 discount would be given after they submitted the inspection.

The instructions were way too general, leading some users to show us what was important to them, not necessarily what we needed for an inspection. Clear details were needed. We decided to add a video example.

Step 2:

Feedback gathered during discovery informed a simple, familiar video capture flow. Seeing the whole process in one high-level document allowed team and stakeholders to quickly align, and let us optimize placement of things like user permissions for highest acceptance rate.

In-office guerilla testing was used to validate wireframe iterations. Copywriters and a video team worked with our underwriters (the lovely people who would have to review submitted videos) to create succinct guidance and tips that made sense with any house.

Step 3:

dual-arm user study validated both the usability of the flow as well as the instructions. In lab, 8 users completed the process using a high-fidelity prototype. At the same time, 8 additional users nationwide used the new instructions to capture an inspection of their home. With a few small modifications to the flow, and after getting the thumbs-up from the underwriting team, we were ready to launch our product.